Christina Lindberg in Maid In Sweden (1971, 1080p) │ Time Stamps are 1:07:08 & 1:10:52

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Maid In Sweden (1971, 1080p) │Clickable Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

Original was uploaded on 2022-11-03


. . . performs her sex scenes with scorching lusty abandon . . . delivers plenty of tasty nudity and steamy soft-core sex scenes . . .

🟢SYNOPSIS — Innocent, sweet country girl Inga leaves her isolated farm in the Swedish countryside to spend the weekend with her older, emancipated sister and her good-for-nothing boyfriend. And as statuesque Inga sets foot in the big city of Stockholm, she discovers sex, shatters her inhibitions, and gets in touch with her budding sexuality. But Inga’s effortless natural beauty has already caught men’s attention. Is sex as good as Inga thought it would be?

🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a *comprehensive* list of hot scenes
(8) from 1:05:34 to 1:07:08 (1.6 minutes long)

(9) from 1:08:46 to 1:10:52 (2.1 minutes long)

(5) from 48:31 to 52:38 (4.1 minutes long)

(2) from 21:59 to 24:29 (2.5 minutes long)

(1) from 8:39 to 9:09 (0.5 minutes long)

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(10) from 1:12:56 to 1:15:22 (2.4 minutes long)

(4) from 41:41 to 42:25 (0.7 minutes long)

(6) from 53:20 to 54:09 (0.8 minutes long)

(3) from 29:17 to 36:13 (6.9 minutes long)

(7) from 57:19 to 58:55 (1.6 minutes long)

1:20:11 — END SCREEN

🟢REVIEW — A young woman (Christina Lindberg) goes to the big city to visit her older sister who, unbeknownst to her parents, is shacking up with a jerky older guy. Once there, in between some scenic interludes of her shopping and ice skating with her sister, there are a lot of even more scenic interludes of her showering and changing clothes. .

You kind of get the idea that the whole flimsy plot of this movie is an excuse to get the luscious Christina Lindberg naked as early and often as possible (which alone might make it worth watching for some).

Interestingly the sisters here are named “Inga” and “Greta”, which are the same names of the characters in Joe Sarno’s “Seduction of Inga” (the sequel to his ground-breaking erotic classic “Inga”) which was released the same year. These are no doubt pretty common Swedish names, but it’s certainly possible that this was meant to ride the coattails of “Inga”, and that Christina Lindberg might have been cast in this (one of her earliest roles) because she kind of resembles “Inga” star Marie Lillejedahl (albeit with an even more impressive torso). Lindberg herself would later star in Sarno’s best film “Young Playthings”. Like a lot of the more famous Swedish erotica this has a lot of American names in the cast and an American title (which makes absolutely no sense given the movie). The voices were dubbed either by the actresses themselves or by other Swedish women, so the dialogue is either more sexy or more incoherent (depending on your point of view) than your usual softcore/sexploitation film.

🟢Also known as —
Ça s’est passé à Stockholm │ Belgium (French title) (subtitle)
Koritsia ap’ ti Souidia │ Greece (transliterated title)
Κορίτσια απ’ τη Σουηδία │ Greece
L’età della malizia │ Italy
Дева в Швеции │ Soviet Union (Russian title)
İsveçli bakire │ Turkey (Turkish title)
Maid in Sweden │ (original title)
The Milkmaid │

🟢REFERRED BY — Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989) │ Title of this film is shown on a theater marquee.

(1) Sweet Innocence Comes of Age
(2) Some girls only dream about it, she made her deep sexual dreams come true
(3) Inga At Sixteen, Her Coming Of Age.