Full frontal from “Allice Goodbody”

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Alice Goodbody (1974) | with time stamps for hot scenes

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Hamburger waitress and film buff Alice Goodbody sleeps her way to stardom via encounters with the cast and crew of a rock-musical film and experiences a series of comic mishaps on the set.

REVIEW (1) — sucking her way to stardom…

Alice Goodbody is a comely ingénue, if a bit dense, who wants more than anything to be a glamorous movie star. Her big break come when an assistant production manager offers her a role in a project called “Julius Caesar”. Thus begins Alice Goodbody’s adventure in Hollywood…an adventure which finds her constantly performing fellatio on her main connection, and flitting about from bed to bed with film-industry plutocrats representing every conceivable stripe of sexual perversion. Alice is blitzkrieged in the filming of her big debut, suffering various injuries during every take. Battered, disenchanted, and sexually drained, she rethinks her Tinseltown ambitions.

REVIEW (2) — An enjoyably silly comedic soft-core romp

Longtime favorite 70’s soft-core starlet Sharon Kelly lands one of her best starring roles in this enjoyably junky outing as the eponymous Alice Goodbody, a lovably ditsy waitress at a Hollywood greasy spoon diner who dreams of celluloid superstardom. One fateful day she makes the acquaintance of perpetually on the make sleazeball Second Assistant Production Manager Myron Mittleman (splendidly played to smarmy perfection by Daniel Kauffman), who gets Alice a bit part in a ghastly musical version of “Julius Caesar” (a spot-on silly send-up of “Jesus Christ, Superstar”). Alas, Alice’s sudden good fortune proves short-lived after she’s struck in the face by a runaway boom mike. However, the fiercely determined and resourceful Alice promptly learns the valuable lesson that the only way to really make it in show business is by making love with the right higher-up connected people. Pretty soon Alice has done just what you think with a handful of kinky major Hollywood biggies and her ascent to tremendous film fame is secured. Sure, this flatly made, stiffly directed (by Tom Scheuer, who also wrote, produced and edited the picture as well), and cheaply produced item is without a doubt shamelessly stupid lowbrow nonsense, but a spirited turn by the ubiquitous George “Buck” Flower as a goofball voyeur food fetish sex freak, a bouncy soundtrack loaded with catchy, upbeat songs, and, most of all, the always delightful Sharon Kelly’s indomitably effervescent presence and boundless vitality as well her often undraped and thoroughly yummy voluptuous body make this dippy affair a great deal of solid and satisfying dumb fun just the same.

(1) Think of It! Me … Alice Goodbody, a Movie Starlet!
(2) Everybody on the set got into her act.
(3) Never has a starlet been enjoyed by so many, so much, so often.
(4) A Succulent Comedy . . .
(5) Everybody on the set got into her act!
(6) “GOSH it’s me !” ALICE GOODBODY. “I’ve been made… a movie starlet!”

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