HELLHOLE (1985, 1080p) │Clickable Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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HELLHOLE (1985, 1080p) │Clickable Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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. . . pointless lesbian scenes, gratuitous shower scenes & nudity . . .
🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a *comprehensive* list of hot scenes
(1) from 23:02 to 27:08 (4.1 minutes long)

(3) from 1:03:10 to 1:06:25 (3.3 minutes long)

(2) from 42:59 to 43:57 (1 minutes long)

(5) from 1:11:57 to 1:12:24 (0.5 minutes long)

(4) from 1:08:35 to 1:09:00 (0.4 minutes long)

1:34:59 — END SCREEN

🟢SYNOPSIS — An amnesiac lands in a sanitarium where a mad doctor tests her chemical lobotomy on patients.

🟢REVIEW (1) — Lurid Entertainment For Fans of Camp

This somewhat entertaining garbage stars Judy Landers as Susan, a young girl who witnesses her mother’s vicious strangling. Following this, she comes down with amnesia(of course)and is sent to a mental sanitarium for women(of course) headed by the mad Dr. Fletcher(played with loads of much-needed camp by cult icon Mary Woronov),who likes to perform unorthodox drug -induced lobotomies on some of the more out-of-control inmates. There is plenty of stuff in this flick to please any die-hard camp or exploitation fan: pointless lesbian scenes, gratuitous shower scenes & nudity, camp dialogue , horrid performances(with the notable exception of Woronov), & a cast that also includes Marjoe Gortner, Dyanne Thorne(of “Ilsa” fame), Ray Sharkey, & Terry Moore. All in all, a classic midnight movie.

REVIEW (2) — Worth seeing just for that cast.

Objectively speaking, this B flick is a mess, with a sometimes incoherent screenplay by Aaron Butler. Judy Landers stars as Susan, a young woman who’s forced to witness her mother being killed by gleeful thug “Silk” (a scenery chewing Ray Sharkey). While fleeing him, she has a bad fall, gets amnesia, and ends up confined to a mental institution for young women. And it just so happens that the mad doctor in charge, Fletcher (Mary Woronov), is up to no good, performing insidious lobotomy type experiments.

“Hellhole” is not without the charms common to such exercises in pure sleaze. This exploitation-melodrama-horror film comes complete with all of the girl ogling / female nudity that a trash lover could want. There’s even a pointless mud bath sequence that one must assume was in there because the producers demanded it. There is some decent atmosphere, but there is practically no gore to speak of. Some viewers will have to prepare themselves for the fact that some story elements are introduced and then pretty much dropped: the “papers” that the bad guys controlling Silk want so badly come off as a MacGuffin.

Making it all worth watching is a B movie cast to die for. Woronov gives easily the best performance in this thing, camping it up in her turn as the female villain. Sharkey is blatantly comical and offbeat as the psycho goon. She may be very sexy, but the less said about Landers’ acting, the better. Also turning up are Marjoe Gortner, Richard Cox, Edy Williams, Robert Z’Dar (in his first film), Cliff Emmich, Lynn Borden, Dyanne Thorne, and Carole White. Cox is the nominal hero, a nice guy orderly who sympathizes with Susans’ plight. Z’dar is amusing as a sadistic guard. Thornes’ cameo as an inmate who thinks she’s an actress is a highlight.

Executive produced by A.I.P. legend Samuel Z. Arkoff, and co-produced by his son Lou.

REVIEW (3) — Rare 80’s Exploitation Gem

I remember first seeing this exploitation gem on HBO in the mid 80’s, while spending the night at a friends house during 8th grade. It reminded me of a cheaper, dirtier Reform School Girls.

Mary Woronov as the deliciously evil, Dr. Fletcher has some great moments. I especially love when she blows the state inspectors a kiss goodbye while they are leaving the hospital… (after nearly discovering her clandestine, underground chamber of horrors, known simply and ominously as Hell Hole.

Lots of the actors look like rejects from a lame porno movie, and deliver their lines accordingly. One will find themselves alternately rolling their eyes and laughing their butts off while watching this.

The movie also has one of those great, cheesy synthesizer soundtracks to add to the fun. If you enjoy watching a movie just to see how bad it is, filled with senseless violence, drugs and lesbian sex, then watch Hellhole.

(1) Captives! Stripped naked and forced to submit to the ultimate experiment!
(2) Pray they don’t succeed!

🟢Also known as —
Buraco Infernal │ Brazil
Sanatorio perverso │ Colombia
La gabbia infernale │ Italy
Manicomio diabólico │ Mexico
Tormentos e Vingança │ Portugal
Адская дыра │ Soviet Union (Russian title)
El agujero del infierno │ Spain
Hellhole │ (original title)
Hell Hole | Australia (video box title)