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House of Whipcord (UK, 1974)

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British Movie 18+ House of Whipcord

Original was uploaded on 2019-07-28


About a week later, after the day’s business was complete, Selene strode into Risa’s dimension with a blue-gray female catfolk at her heel. The drow still carried herself with a confidence that suggested that absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary despite there being a new person beside her that she never so much as mentioned to anyone. The cat, however, was looking around herself with amazed curiosity slightly masked by timidness. A Look briefly passed between them before they entered the main door of the dimension mansion. The catgirl shyly slipped her hand into Selene’s, who accepted the affectionate gesture without comment. Then they entered the mansion and began making their way to the library.

Caleldir blinked to see a new person with Selene joining him in the library. He had seen a few catfolk around, but his first and only interaction with them was during that Incident that Hael’yss was being punished for – when a few of them had been told to participate. They had been much nicer than the drow – even slightly apologetic – but had clearly enjoyed the experience even more than most of the drow.

And that was all he really knew about them. A servitor race, he believed. Perhaps created by the Drow. He decided not to comment on Selene’s acquiring one just yet.

Risa had no such compunctions. She popped into the library in her biological body, wearing her normal outfit. “Oh! How cute!” she complimented. “Selene? Could you introduce your new friend to me?”

The catgirl’s longhaired tail puffed to full size. Then she forced her way between Selene’s back and the couch they were sitting on to peer out at the surprising newcomer.