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How to Master Nude Model Photography Lighting With One light

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How to Master Nude Model Photography Lighting With One light

Original was uploaded on 2018-07-28


Model Society members are constantly raising their game. Accomplished photographers are becoming masters, and master photographers becoming mind blowing. And at the start of their photographic journey, enthusiasts are taking their first steps into the world of figurative fine art.

To support your creative growth, we’re partnering with Dan Hostettler, Cam Attree and Amy Heather (from Sexy Woman Photography) to offer a unique webinar that to help photographers of all levels, raise their game.

You simply don’t need a ton of expensive gear to create great art. Wether you’re shooting on the road with limited gear, or you’re just getting started on a small budget, you can create incredibly compelling imagery working with just one single light.

Accomplished photographers, when you truly master this one skill, you sharpen your instincts and discover flexible creative options in a wide range of shooting situations.

Beginners and enthusiasts, by focusing on this one essential studio technique, you’ll build a solid foundation and know you can get great results working with models.

Watch the video to meet Amy Heather (your model) and hear from Dan and Cam about the opportunities of working with single light photography.

This special webinar is brought to you by Model Society, in partnership with Dan Hostettler and Sexy Woman Photography.

Watch the video and learn more!



Model Amy Heather is an accomplished model with years of experience working with photographers from around the world. Amy’s friendly and open communication style makes her a helpful creative partner for photographers of all levels.

Instructor Dan Hostettler’s expertise is based on more than 15 years working with nude models. Dan’s enthusiastic teaching style makes advanced concepts easy to understand, so you can apply what you learn and get great results the very next time you shoot.

Instructor Cam Attree is an award-winning, internationally published, AIPP accredited master photographer. His years as a professional and creative artist have resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the process. You can gain year’s of experience and insight through Cam’s thoughtful approach to teaching.


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