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The Dallas Connection (1994, Rated R) Red-Band Trailer

Original was uploaded on 2020-05-29


A Basic Instinct (1992) style murder-sex scene kicks of this rowdy Andy Sidaris adventure packed to the gills with his trademark sex, nudity and action.

After 3 scientists working on a top secret international weapons system program are brutally murdered in Paris, South Africa and Hong Kong, all eyes are on Dallas where the 4th – and the last scientist is arriving to activate the system.

Our heroes (Bruce Penhall, Mark Barriere & Roland Marcus) and villains (playboy playmates and penthouse pets Julie K. Smith, Wendy Hamilton, Julie Strain) exchange plenty of fire and bodily fluids as they try to out-fox and out-fornicate each other to save the day.

This trailer is fan made.

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