She dances naked in “My Light| Save The Bees | Nude Performance DeyannaDenyse”

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My Light| Save The Bees | Nude Performance DeyannaDenyse

Original was uploaded on 2022-07-16


“My Light” is a visual excerpt from “Save the Bees”
A series of Poetic Nude Performances by Deyanna Denyse
© All rights Reserved 2022
IG: @deyannathedenyse

Collaboration with Kyle Alexander Meeks, Director of Photography

Sound provided by

“My light
Scrutinize me, for my light
Penalized me, for my light
Why do they despise me
In attempts to minimize my likeness
Blinding, my light shines despite this
Shines light on the inadequacies of man
Kindness in my eyes I see, two, three
Reflections, what’s wrong with me?
Try to kill me, steal me for my light
My life
Endangered, a species.
Me, egoic yet heroic, heroine
Addicted to my light
Suck me dry
Depleted, depletion due to my light
Foreign forever I ride for my light
I rise
Ascension, ascend my light
Transcend my light, my life
My blackness, my light; dynamic in my duality
Maybe that’s why they’re mad at me
Manifest my destiny, my light shines bright
Despite the gaze of onlookers, fear mongers and subconscious monsters
Bare my soul, it glows; carrying my weight in gold
My light, it’s blinding so I hide
Why, my reflections despise me
What’s wrong with me
I am me, my, light ”

Save the Bees Poerty Book