The whole video is weirdly entertaining, but here’s the part with boobs at 2:12 in “Kamala Devi’s Tantra Theater in the Surreal Show”

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Kamala Devi’s Tantra Theater in the Surreal Show

Original was uploaded on 2013-04-04 For more sexy videos and showtimes go to

Sex with a Cenataur -Jennifer Gold is running through the forest and is forcibly (but pleasurably) raped by a pack of Centaurs.

Train to Berlin – Joy and Adam are anonymous strangers who mutually
pleasure themselves before making love on a train in Germany.

Breast Milk – Shawn Roop speaks of his yearning for mother’s milk. Thank you Jennifer,
Roxanne, Rita & Heidi.
Followed by Puppy Pile – Adam and Rita show an extraordinary love
between dog and dog sitter.

Lesbian Love – Katie Holton mokes a powerful declaration onstage about how fullfilling it
is to finally be living her fantasy!

San Diego Tantra Theater Presents the Surreal Show! No withholds for this wild exploration of the abstract, absurd, surreal, grotesque and dreamlike aspects of sacred sexuality, tantra and polyamory performed by Adam Paulman, Rita Mooney, Katie Holton, Michael McClure, Heidi Goodiegoddess, Shawn Roop, Joy, Jennifer Gold, Directed by Polyamory mentor Kamala Devi! Our mission is to transmute sexual guilt, shame and fear into art, healing and liberation.