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Without (2011) [2 CC] (1080p) | with time stamps for hot scenes

Original was uploaded on 2022-09-30


On a remote wooded island, a young woman becomes caretaker to an old man in a vegetative state. Her isolated routine devolves into a struggle with sexuality, guilt and loss.

REVIEW (1) — Lost

For the average movie-viewer, this one’s a no-go. Recently ran out of movies to watch on Hulu, then all of a sudden this one comes into frame with a mysterious and intruiging description, so I watch it. Big mistake. From intro to end, the plot is wishy-washy. There was no point in time where I was able to think “I know exactly what’s going”, even after thorough review.

The plot never stomps its feet down to create any certain feeling; one minute you’re nervous for the outcome of a scenario, the next you’re uncomfortable and in a state of unease. Overall, Without is just another pseudo-deep, kiddie pool of a movie. The film equivalent of This is America. Thank you

REVIEW (2) — Good film…..

Watched this tonight during London lockdown. The film was interesting and wonderfully acted by Ms Jensen and was very capably directed by Mr Jackson. Alas the strokes pulled by the carer seem to be commonplace in real life. Worth a view, indie at its best….. Thought provoking.

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