Zero-G striptease at 3:20 in “MISS LAURIE CARR: CONTACT”

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Original was uploaded on 2022-12-03


[PLEASE READ] Stellar artistic vignette from 1989 echoing and post-dating actress Jane Fonda’s opening-credits sequence for the motion picture BARBARELLA (1968) and pre-dating singer Kylie Minogue’s similarly-derived music video “Put Yourself in My Place” from the album KYLIE MINOGUE (1994). I hope this video equally inspires a similar sense of wonder.

Miss Laurie Carr was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for December 1986.

Music: Zebra. [320kbps]

I warmly acknowledge the curators of this and similar specialty media that—in its original form—might otherwise be “lost” but for their conscientious preservation efforts. Thanks for caring.

Laurie Carr was over 18 years of age at the time of production.

IMPORTANT: This is a video sampler [for adults only] of goodwill and great admiration. If you are a professional and want credit I’ve neglected to give OR prefer that I delete this video, please let me know. Thanks.