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Slingshot challenge Ep 57 #Shorts

Original was uploaded on 2021-08-29


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This cute girl’s slingshot ride is the best video. You can Comment in what is the best couple in the comment section
on how to work this slingshot ride. it is amazing and so funny and a compilation. some cute girls are scramming some cute girls are pass out. looks some cute girl’s face reaction is best. any rider must think about the safe. this is so much fun but safety first. this slingshot ride is located in USA Amsterdam. if you like to join please come and try your best slingshot ride it is memorable for your life thank you.
Defy gravity!

Who cares about gravity? Defy the force with a once-in-a-lifetime, supernatural experience on the SlingShot. Once you’ve convinced (or bribed) a friend to join you on this absolutely insane ride, you’re both safely secured in a capsule and – 3…2…1! – catapulted (yes, exactly like a slingshot) straight up to the sky to heights of nearly 300 feet in the air at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour.

At the very top, you’ll find that extraordinary sense of weightlessness, and then, as quickly as you rocketed up, you’ll zoom back toward the ground, often rotating head-over-heels and bouncing up and down until you come to rest at the launch point. Whew! Did that just happen? It sure did, and once you try SlingShot once, trust us when we say you’ll be back for more.

This attraction is not included in park admission. A separate fee is required to experience this attraction. With the Attractions FUN Pass, you get access to 3 attractions and 2 arcades – all with 1 card. Find our kiosks at Xtreme Skyflyer, Speed City Raceway, SlingShot, Arcadium, and Crystal Palace Arcade to learn more and get yours today!

Guests must be between 48″ and 79″ tall to ride.


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