100 GIRLS (2000, 1080p)│Time Stamps for ALL the Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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100 GIRLS (2000, 1080p)│Time Stamps for ALL the Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

Original was uploaded on 2022-10-22


🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a *comprehensive* list of hot scenes
(5) from 45:06 to 46:26 (thumbnail source)

(6) from 58:38 to 1:01:30

(8) from 1:29:18 to 1:29:57

(7) from 1:11:33 to 1:12:51

(2) from 24:02 to 24:41

(1) from 16:53 to 17:04

(4) from 39:31 to 39:37

(3) from 25:13 to 25:23

1:34:27 — END SCREEN (presents the best videos on my channel, selected by me)

🟢SYNOPSIS — Matt spends the night with a girl in an elevator during power outage in a girls’ college dorm. He never sees her. Waking up in the morning, panties are all that’s left of her. How does he find her in a building

🟢REVIEW — The boy next door, exploring . . . women.

Midway through 100 Girls, I couldn’t help but think of a movie from a couple of years ago called 8 Days a Week – in which the central character, obsessed with his beautiful neighbor, vows to spend the entire summer camped outside her house. The film was chock full of movie references and various musings on the relationships between men and women. 100 Girls features a similarly girl-obsessed protagonist who, after spending a glorious night in a dark elevator with his dream girl, becomes obsessed with finding her again – even though she’s one of a hundred girls in a dormitory. The film’s aimless structure – the entire plot can easily be summed up in one sentence – becomes a little tiresome after a while, though the enthusiasm of the cast and the occasionally witty script make up for it. Writer/director Michael Davis (who, not surprisingly, also wrote and directed 8 Days a Week) keeps things light and frothy, which gives the flick an air of carefree innocence – though really, how innocent can a movie featuring an apparatus for penile improvement be? It helps that star Jonathan Tucker is so amiable; this is the sort of guy it’d be real easy to hate. His obsession with the fairer sex borders on creepy, but in the hands of Tucker, the character becomes endearing and even a little sweet. Ditto the girls, who run the gamut from butch to shy to ugly to goth. And as embodied by the various actresses (from Roswell’s Katherine Hiegl to On The Line’s Emmanuelle Chriqui), they’re an agreeable bunch. 100 Girls isn’t exactly a spectacular film on any sort of level, but given that the resurgence in teen flicks has churned out some real stinkers like American Pie and Scary Movie, you could certainly do worse.

🟢MOVIE TAGLINE — He met the girl of his dreams. If only he can meet her again.

🟢Also known as —
100 Girls | (original title)
Loco entre 100 mujeres | Argentina
100 Garotas | Brazil
100 мoмичета | Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)
Une centaine de filles | Canada (French title)
100 Girls – 1 kundi, 100 mahdollisuutta | Finland (TV title)
100 girls – 1 kundi 100 mahdollisuutta | Finland (TV title)
100 kimmaa | Finland
100 nanas | France (subtitle)
Eins, zwei, Pie – Wer die Qual hat, hat die Wahl | Germany
Eins, zwei, Pie – Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual… | Germany (DVD title)
Το κορίτσι των ονείρων μου… | Greece
Túl sok nő | Hungary
100 ragazze | Italy
Hな彼女の見つけ方 マシューの童貞卒業物語 | Japan (Japanese title)
100 dziewczyn i ja | Poland
Uma Rapariga em Cem | Portugal
100 de sanse | Romania
100 девчонок и одна в лифтe | Russia
100 devojaka | Serbia
American Pie 3 100 girls | South Korea (bootleg title)
100 chicas | Spain
100 Kız | Turkey (Turkish title) (new title)
100 дівчат і одна в ліфті | Ukraine