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African initiation school

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African initiation school

Original was uploaded on 2024-01-08


This is my favorite dancer for the evening

As with every culture there are ceremonies that are performed for every age group within the Ndebele people. The events goes as follows:

Girls from 15-25

When a girl reaches the age of 15 or the puberty stage they do what we call iqude, this is organized on an individual basis within the homestead unlike ingoma where the young boys go to the initiation school in a group. The iqude ceremony usually takes up to two months within those two months the mother of the daughter will choose one weekend within the selected two months where everything will be performed, this is done by past experienced girls who have already did the ceremony. On the chosen weekend there will be slaughtering of goats and cows and relatives will have to come with gifts for the girl which they will only see after two months.

The traditional attire for iqude, you’ll see ladies with their breast out. This are marriageable girls. This shows that the ladies body is transforming to be a woman. Children are allowed to be part of the audience in this ceremony.

This kinds of ceremony reminds us of ou culture in this modern age. Ndebele tr

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