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Aimee Graham & Teresa DiSpina REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS (1986, 1080p)│Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS (1986, 1080p)│Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

Original was uploaded on 2022-10-23


🟢TLDW — (3) from 25:48 _to_ 27:46 (thumbnail source)

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1:33:55 — END SCREEN (presents the best videos on my channel, selected by me)

🟢SNYOPSIS — Inmates run around in mail-order lingerie, and a new arrival (Linda Carol) opposes the perverts (Wendy O. Williams, Pat Ast) in charge.

🟢REVIEW — Irresistible stuff.

“Reform School Girls” is a deliciously exaggerated entry in the Women In Prison genre. It’s all very campy material that the majority of the actors, to their credit, actually play quite straight. The winks start with the fact that its writer / director Tom DeSimone, had previously made another classic, “The Concrete Jungle”. Here, DeSimone, cast, and crew clearly have a ball with the trashy ‘n’ flashy story. Linda Carol plays Jenny, a newcomer to a reform school named Pridemore Juvenile Facility, who mixes it up with both the overbearing head matron Edna (corpulent, big haired Pat Ast, who’s an absolute riot) and swaggering top dog convict Charlie (punk rocker Wendy O. Williams, perfectly suited to the role). Also among the main cast is the B movie goddess Sybil Danning, adding to the in- joke tone of the movie seeing that she plays the ruthless warden here and had already played a convict in the earlier “Chained Heat”. Ast, Williams, and Danning are a superb trio and make this fun to watch. Carol, by comparison, by playing a more or less decent person (although tough enough to try standing up to the antagonists), comes off as less entertaining. Ast delights in the over the top nature of Edna, setting a stuffed animal on fire and stomping the life out of a real one. DeSimone delivers enough shower scenes / nudity / sex, melodrama, and violence to keep fans content. The sometimes hilarious script features some choice and quotable dialogue. The soundtrack is absolutely kick ass, with Williams singing such ditties as the anthemic “It’s My Life” and the title track. The supporting cast aren’t slouches, either; Charlotte McGinnis is the concerned Dr. Norton, Sherri Stoner the young innocent Lisa, Denise Gordy the sassy Claudia, Laurie Schwartz the spunky Nicky, and two “Friday the 13th” franchise alumni, Tiffany Helm (“A New Beginning”) and Darcy DeMoss (“Jason Lives”) play Charlie’s flunkies. The movie progresses agreeably through various sordid episodes before coming to a rousing conclusion. In any event, one element you have to appreciate about this sort of thing is the hotness factor of the inmates. It’s not exactly boring at any moment, either. There are certainly no complaints from this viewer. Eight out of 10.

(1) Some Get Tough. Some Go Insane. Some Will Die…
(2) Look forward to a world without windows, without the possibility of escape, and without hope. A claustrophobic world bursting at the seams with pent-up aggression and caged terror!
(3) So young, so pretty, so what.
(4) So young… so bad… so what?

🟢Also known as —
Reformatorio de mujeres | Argentina
Reformatório de Mulheres | Brazil
La réforme des anges du mal | Canada (French title)
Les anges du mal 2 | France
Agria thilyka | Greece (video title)
Scuola di buone maniere | Italy
Chicas malas | Mexico
Reformatorio de señoritas | Peru
Naked Birds | Philippines (English title)
Dziewczyny z poprawczaka | Poland
Reformatório de Raparigas | Portugal
Девушки из исправительной колонии | Soviet Union (Russian title)
Motín en el reformatorio de mujeres | Spain
Pridemoore | West Germany


(1) Caged (1950) | “Reform School Girls” is a homage to “Caged”.

(2) Reform School Girl (1957) | Referenced by title, settings and numerous thematic elements.

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