Lesbian scene at 52:26 in “Locked Up (2017, 1080p) │Clickable Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)”

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Locked Up (2017, 1080p) │Clickable Time Stamps for Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

Original was uploaded on 2022-11-03


. . . The nudity and sexual content was just too much, and really felt like this was more of a porno . . .

🟢SYNOPSIS — A young American girl living in Southeast Asia with her uncle is sent to a Women’s Correctional Facility after a violent encounter with her bully. Now she is going to have to learn how to fight and protect herself from this prison like place if she has any chance of survival.

🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a *comprehensive* list of hot scenes
(1) from 32:24 to 32:59 (0.6 minutes long)

(2) from 51:45 to 55:01 (3.3 minutes long)

1:25:13 — END SCREEN

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🟢REVIEW — I guess some people are shocked by the nudity… I’m sorry, I should have written it as “shocked.” As in, they are pretending that they sat down to watch it and weren’t expecting a Women in Prison exploitation film.

Everyone else, however, caught this on Netflix because it was a Women in Prison exploitation flick and they were expecting both a significant amount of nudity, but also some violence and some horribly low production standards and locations…

… and that is EXACTLY what you got out of this. So, I really don’t know what the low scores are all about, it delivered exactly what it promised to deliver. And it did so without any pretense, without pretending to be something that it was not.

So, you get exactly what you expect walking into this, nudity and violence… and if you were somehow expecting anything more, I just want to ask one question “why?”

🟢MOVIE TAGLINE — Not That Innocent

🟢Also known as —
Locked Up – Jail Bait 2: Kämpfen oder sterben im Frauenknast │ Germany (video box title)
Jail Bait 2 – Locked up │ Germany (DVD box title)
パラダイス女子刑務所 │ Japan (Japanese title)
За решёткой │ Russia
Hapis │ Turkey (Turkish title) (alternative title)
Locked Up │ (original title)