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“Ma’at Ma” | Jetia Deity

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“Ma’at Ma” | Jetia Deity

Original was uploaded on 2014-09-24


It’s no secret that we are, phasing Out of a dark, longgg, fuck ass Era. Secret is…the collective consciousness IS Waking tf Up and asking questions.
My first question would be…WTF is up with all the Body Shame shit folks?!
It’s been far too many generations have been denied access to their birthright’s gift of Cellular Activation. Shit stops here bruh, get that Kundalini UP!

A Naga KNOWS the vibrancy stored in the body, and BASKS in the Powa of alllllll of Nature’s Medicines!

Curious question…What does balance in this “new” paradigm look like for you? Maatriarchy means Universal Balance btw!

Hi, Eye’m Jetia. Peace to greet you…Eye’m apart of a traveling Media Production team that Documents Naga Stories around the Nations, sharing stories that inspire folks to FREE Up. & We refer to ourselves as the Naga News Network, (cus CNN and nem aint hitting on shit!). Reach out if you want your story told.

To start, Please visit www.HighVibrationLiving.org to donate an offering that’ll help to fund Equipment/Travel costs. Then, Plant them feet on the earth, drink some lemon Wata, and eat sumnthin Green. Rinse. Repeat.

Multimedia Artist & Holistic Wellness Coach. Writing and Taking Pictures wherever Eye journey to on the planet.

Total Activation to you and yours!
with 13 Love,


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Video by the Lovely @NaturallyCandi


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