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More evidence that yoga is best practiced in the nude

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Original was uploaded on 2020-11-13


What exactly is naked yoga?
Naked yoga is pretty much what you think it is. A naked yoga class essentially requires you to strip down in front of a room full of people — who do the same — and perform a myriad of asanas. It is considered a legit form of yoga workout that claims to boost your overall health and promote body positivity.
While many believe naked yoga has only recently taken the fitness industry and, well Instagram by storm, experts state it’s been around in India for generations, by the name Nagna Yoga.
Here’s what happens in a naked yoga class
As soon as you enter the class, you are required to disrobe COMPLETELY! Yes, we mean all the way — from bare breasts to exposed buttocks. Although, if you are uncomfortable, you have the option to keep your underpants on.
In fact, some nude yoga classes allow you enough time to ease in and take off one piece of clothing with every pose.
Insider tip: Make sure you carefully select what underpants you’ll be wearing. After all, it’ll be on display in front of a room full of people.
However, there are rules

Naked yoga classes are often co-ed, which means men and women practice together — imagine stretching and breathing naked in the same room. So naturally, there’s a strict code of conduct that you JUST CAN’T BREAK. Simply put, if you flout, you are out!
Most naked yoga classes have a list of rules and regulations clearly stated and communicated to you even before you take the class. If not, your trainer will run through them one-by-one before the session begins.
You can’t move away from the space that has been assigned to you
You can’t touch anyone without their consent
You can’t stare at anyone
You can’t make remarks on your
classmates’ appearances
Make yourself comfortable
Believe it or not, witnessing your fellow classmates in the same uneasy situation as you — nervously covering stretch marks, struggling to conceal body fat — helps you empathise, and eventually get comfortable in your skin — quite literally.
Besides, many naked yoga studios dim the lights to ease you in.
You’ll have a certified trainer — who is also naked [obviously] — help you perform a mix of yoga poses and asanas. From child pose and downward dog to shivasana and balasana, you’ll be doing it all.
But the key to truly absorb the benefits of naked yoga is to connect with your mind, breath and body rather than awkwardly stretching or worrying about what others are thinking.
Moreover, it’s said that these nude yoga exercises are so powerful that you ultimately get involved and forget you are undressed.