Naked yoga Life.

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Naked yoga Life.

Original was uploaded on 2021-05-17


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Important Notice :-This video doesn’t in any way support or encourage any sexual behaviour or sexual gratification or graphic sexual content. This video is meant for Educational, dacumentry purposes only.

AGE RESTRICTED VIDEO – This video is in compliance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines with respect to artistic, documentary and educational nudity. It does not contain any sexually gratifying content. If you are offended by nudity please block me and do not follow this channel.

Description: Yoga is all about freeing your mind and spirit from the stresses of everyday life. Naked yoga brings it to the next level by helping you become even more comfortable in your own skin. The key is to create your own safe space where you can be completely relaxed and free from judgment. Yoga all about creating that safe space and being true to yourself. As she makes herself comfortable on her yoga mat, she playfully asks you why you’re not already naked, too! There’s no need to be shy because EVERY body is a GOOD body.From that point on, she grows serious, focusing on reaching and maintaining a deep, meditative state. She starts off by inviting you to chill out and do some breathing exercises with her. Once you feel your heart rate calm down, she then starts taking you through various yoga poses to make you even calmer.Just when you think you can’t possibly be any calmer, Siri decides to spice things up a bit. You see, although she’s done with her stretches, there’s still one more thing that needs to be exercised… As she glides her hand down to her pussy with a mischievous smile, you’re about to see just why naked yoga is so popular!