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Naked Yoga Pilates. Nudity through out entire video.

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Naked Intermediate Pilates 4 Hundreds

Original was uploaded on 2016-08-20


Teacher: Skye
Student: Collibrina
In this video i show more advanced levels of The Hundreds which is the primary exercise in Pilates after your warm up. It stabilizes the trunk(torso) and warms up the core in preparation for the series of exercises to come. Though the basic Hundreds is a difficult exercise; once mastered you can challenge yourself and the strength of your core by adding some layers to it. By extending the legs, placing them at lower angles and/or moving the legs steadily and fluidly while pumping the arms you will take yourself to the next level. Always start slow and see the patterns or shapes that the body is making to prevent strain. I remove my clothes to work more freely as I do the movement.


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