Nilupili Jayawardena in The Forsaken Land (2005)│Time Stamps for ALL the Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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The Forsaken Land (2005)│Time Stamps for ALL the Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

Original was uploaded on 2022-11-17


🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a comprehensive list of hot scenes
(1) from 22:12 to 25:34

(2) from 46:19 to 46:43

(3) from 53:59 to 54:55

(4) from 1:28:11 to 1:28:41

1:47:42 — END SCREEN (presents the best movies on my channel, selected by me)

🟢SYNOPSIS — Weary residents of a war-ravaged country drift through life.

🟢REVIEW — Filmmaker jayasundara is obviously influenced by is tsai ming liang (Taiwan). like liang, jayasundara’s characters are alienated from everything human. lonely, disconnected and indifferent to their own tragedy, they inhabit a world devoid of intimacy. but jayasundara goes beyond the mysteriously fascinating imagery of liang to create a more engaging and almost hypnotic film.

Don’t expect to find a cohesive plot, but just sit back and let the camera-work wash over your senses. Long, beautiful, meditative, Tarkovsky-like takes that leave you marveling at their artistry. Not long into the movie, I gave up trying to understand the plot, and instead just allowed myself to be swept along in its tide of visual beauty.

Terra Abandonada │ Brazil (festival title)
La terre abandonnée │ Canada (French title)
Trügerische Stille │ Germany (TV title)
Εγκαταλειμμένη γη │ Greece
Zapomniany kraj │ Poland
Sulanga Enu Pinisa │ (original title)
Issız Topraklar │ Turkey (Turkish title) (alternative title)
The Forsaken Land │ Argentina (festival title)