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Naked Yoga At Home – Health Fitness

Original was uploaded on 2020-11-12


Naked Yoga At Home – Health Fitness

â–¶Disclaimer: Hello yt team this video made for educational purposes & it is yoga video that help to health & fitness. Any educational video can’t violate youtube’s community policy.

👉Naked Yoga is fully Health Tip Based & Educational, know it from:

👉What is Naked yoga?:
Naked yoga (Sanskrit nagna yoga or vivastra yoga) is the practice of yoga without clothes. It has existed since ancient times as a spiritual practice, and is mentioned in the 7th-10th century Bhagavata Purana and by the Ancient Greek geographer Strabo. Early advocates of naked yoga in modern times include the gymnosophists such as Blanche de Vries, and the author Marguerite Agniel.
In the 21st century, the practice is gaining popularity, notably in western societies that have more familiarity with social nudity.

Media proclaimed naked yoga the latest craze. Along with beer yoga, heavy metal yoga, and cannabis yoga, practice in the buff unquestionably raises a few eyebrows. Though unlike in other new sensational styles, the roots of nude yoga run deep. Naked yoga also called nagna yoga has been around for centuries. In the birth country of yoga India, the practice bare-naked can be traced back to religious ascetics and monks sadhu. Stripping down for a sadhu is symbolic and signifies them renouncing all material possessions. For sadhu, the ability to break free from everything earthy and physical is one of the steps to achieve spiritual enlightenment and liberation moksha.

â–¶DISCLAIMER: This video isn’t in ANY way support or encourage ANY sexual behavior  or sexual gratification or graphic sexual content. This video is intended/created for  EDUCATIONAL / DOCUMENTARY PURPOSES.  This video can be a useful instructional training guide when attempting these practices for the first time.  This video is for HEALTH & EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

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