Shooting with Glamour and Nude Models (6:32)

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Shooting with Glamour and Nude Models. (This video contains nudity, viewer discretion advised) 7/21

Original was uploaded on 2021-08-21


Hi, everyone. Welcome to my channel. My name is Alex and I am a Philadelphia based street and fine art portrait photographer. The purposes for these Behind of Scene videos are learning materials for anyone who wishes to see my work flows. Shooting models for fine art portraitures and strangers on the street share many similarities. The biggest hurdle for many photographers is how to create your work flow and communicate with your subjects. My work flow may not suite everyone, and I am trying to improve mine every day with my shoots. Hope you will find something valuable or inspirations in my videos. Thank you very much for watching.

Technical Data:
Behind-the-Scenes POV videos are captured: GoPro Hero 9 Black;
Photos are captured with my Sony A7Riii and Sony 55mm and or Sony 35mm f1.8;
Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere 2021;

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