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Skyrim Naked Playthrough Part 0 – Character Creation. Start 0:26

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Skyrim Naked Playthrough Part 0 – Character Creation

Original was uploaded on 2018-12-01


The first, or zeroth?, part of a playthrough I’m doing on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I will have a list of some of the mods appearing in the video below this. Anyway, this part is the character creation before I get to actually playing the game. This doesn’t actually have as much nudity as the rest of the series will have. Sorry.

Some of the mods seen in the video:
Alternate Start – Live Another Life
CBBE – Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition
NU001 CBBE BodySlide Preset*
Nude NPC’s*

*I am also the developer of these mods.

Recorded with OBS Studio. Edited with Windows Photo Editor and Avidemux.


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