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Skyrim Naked Playthrough Part 3 – Riverwood. Start 0:06

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Skyrim Naked Playthrough Part 3 – Riverwood

Original was uploaded on 2019-01-17


So, I finally decided to sort out parts 3, 4 and 5. Well, here’s part 3. In this episode, Harna explores the town of Riverwood. She spends time in the inn, runs around town and does some smithing.

Some of the mods seen in this video are:
CBBE – Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition
NU001 CBBE BodySlide Preset*
Nude NPC’s*
Naked Stuff of Skyrim*
Vivid Weathers
A Matter of Time – A HUD Clock Widget
Immersive Wenches
Buxom Wench Yuriana
Crusader of Dibella*

*Indicates that I developed the mods.

Recorded with OBS Studio. Edited with Windows Photo Editor.


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