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Spring Lookbook 💫 May

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Spring Lookbook 💫 May

Original was uploaded on 2017-05-08


Hiya beautiful pixies! 🌞
So here we have a Spring Lookbook for the month of May.
Lookbooks are my favorite videos to film, -beside the short films one- so I really hope you enjoy watching them too.
Please comment your favorite look below cause I’m dying of curiousity!
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All my love as always,
your (not ready for Summer at all) Autumn girl,
Mikaela. xx

What I Wore:

Look no. I ➳ White On Stripes
White Blouse ➳ Vintage
Pants ➳ Vintage
Necklace ➳ I have no idea lol it was a gift
Boots ➳ Public desire

Look no. II ➳ Jagger Baby
Shirt ➳ Unknown
Pants ➳ Vintage
Bra ➳ H&M
Boots ➳ Public Desire
Belt ➳ Pull&Bear
Necklace ➳ Gifted

Look no. III ➳ Camera Girl
Shirt ➳ Forever 21
Pants ➳ Vintage
Necklace + Choker ➳ Gifted – Bershka
Boots ➳ Public Desire

Look no. IV ➳ Boho Chic Chic
Dress ➳ Vintage
Necklace + Choker ➳ Gifted – Bershka
Hat ➳ Forever 21

Look no. V ➳ Candy Lover
Shirt ➳ Pull&Bear
Pants ➳ Vintage
Necklace + Choker ➳ Gifted – Bershka
Boots ➳ Public Desire
Hat ➳ Forever 21

Look no. VI ➳ Lolita, Lolita Go Home
Shirt ➳ Vintage
Pants ➳ Bershka
Shoes ➳ Vintage
Foulard ➳ Bershka
Beret ➳ Gifted

Look no. VII ➳ Dark Tones
Shirt ➳ Vintage
Skirt ➳ Pull&Bear
High Knee Boots ➳ Forever 21
Choker ➳ Bershka

You can find me here:
instagram ➳ https://instagram.com/mikaeladelcatty/
tumblr ➳ http://wanderlust-newyork.tumblr.com/
second tumblr ➳ http://oh-vintage-baby.tumblr.com/
twitter ➳ https://twitter.com/mikaeladelcatty
pinterest ➳ https://www.pinterest.com/mikaeladelcatty/
vsco ➳ http://mikaeladelcatty.vsco.co/grid/1
polyvore ➳ http://wanderlustnewyork.polyvore.com/
spotify ➳ https://open.spotify.com/user/mikaelaskitty

Business email ➳ [email protected]

** I do not own any music that’s in this video. 🌼


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