Two women dance naked in the forest, full frontal starting around 1:00 in “Magic Circle”

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Magic Circle

Original was uploaded on 2021-07-05


This is the fun-filled and curious MAGIC CIRCLE written by Ben Thomas featuring Lucy Muse and Elly Raine. MAGIC CIRCLE is a studio recorded track based on the live ‘performance art’ version that features in the live shows by Thomas & Muse. The visuals (here) are a free-spirited celebration of the art-nude form and an abstract and surreal interpretation of the recorded music harking back to tales of ancient folklore, fairies, nymphs and other literary imaginings…

PLEASE NOTE as with ALL of our content here, this film is an artistic music video and NOT a sexually motivated venture. Please consider this in your commentary. Thank you!

As this film contains NON-SEXUAL nudity we have age-restricted it to over 18s only in line with the YouTube community guidelines. If you would like to find out more about YouTube’s nudity policy you can do so here: