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Come shower with me 2021 head shave 🪒 😍💕

Original was uploaded on 2021-02-03


Hello everybody and welcome back to Amanda‘s world so in today’s video is my updated 2021s your routine and how I shave my head in the shower and how I shave my face and on my eyebrows I hope you all are doing well and having a great start on the new year there will be coming some different kind of videos very soon on this channel because there’s a lot of things changing in my private life right now that I will be sharing with you all very soon . Do not forget to go follow me on my other social media’s I will be linking them down below and do not forget to show me some love on this video you all and do not forget to subscribe to Amanda‘s world and do not forget to hit that bell so you get notifications every single time did I make a new video so you do not miss out on my silly ass.. 😂💕. Until next time stay sassy stay glam XOXO yours truly Amanda.

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