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1971 Oh Calcutta Video closing act

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1971 Oh Calcutta Video closing act

Original was uploaded on 2010-09-20


A video version for closed circuit distribution was produced in 1971. The video was edited at TeleTape studios in New York City. This was the same company that originally shot and edited Sesame Street. The piece was edited using one of the first electronic editing systems called Editec and was archived to 2″ video tape. Bill Aucoin directed the television production. Aucoin went on to discover “KISS” and became a notable rock and roll producer. He died recently of prostate cancer. The editor was Frank Herold. The finished piece was eventually transferred to film and ran as a double feature with “Fritz the Cat”. This clip is the closing act with cast and technical credits. A young Bill Macy of “Maude” fame is in the cast.


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