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Bacchus Racchus – The What – Lucas Revolution

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Bacchus Racchus – The What – Lucas Revolution

Original was uploaded on 2010-08-19


A long lost underground classic video from The What, the greatest band never heard. Originally titled “In Praise of Militant Feminism of the Most Exotic Varieties”, Bacchus Racchus takes us back to the Dionysian revelry of the golden age, utter abandonment and surrender, the sacred act of letting go and embracing freedom and pleasure. Just don’t resist! Destruction awaits all partypoopers! Bacchus Racchus can be found on the album “Help is on the Way” by The What, now available on Itunes and Amazon. Seriously the best record of the post 9/11 era… Pick it up. You’ll be so so so happy you did. The What is Dead. Long live the The What! www.revolutionisforlovers.com


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