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Touch of Colette | A Boudoir Film (Removed after 72 Hours)

Original was uploaded on 2022-12-08


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Sensual, intimate, seductive boudoir and nude video for photographers only. This is an inspirational boudoir video with Colette LaMuse and Yuliya Panchenko. Video will be removed after 72 hours. Learn how to shoot professional sensual boudoir videos.

After 72 Hours you can watch it exclusively on BIB TV

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Colette LaMuse is a Personal Consultant, who specializes in facilitating beings+bodies in the energetics and embodiment of confidence, beauty, sexualness, power+potency, pleasure, dominion+submission and the relaxation of receiving abundance with ease. She is an author, erotic poet, and an artist of sensual imagery. For years, she modeled for and designed creative/boudoir photoshoots until 2022 when she decided to expand her craft by becoming a photographer.