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Breast Augmentation | Pectus Excavatum Surgery | Dr. Daniel Barrett | Beverly Hills

Original was uploaded on 2020-02-12


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Pectus excavatum creates an extremely difficult breast augmentation environment. Whereas the goal for most breast augmentation patients is to improve cleavage, pectus excavatum patients need the opposite! They need relief from the the center cleavage portion and need their breasts to take on a wider position away from the sunken in appearance of the chest wall. While the breast augmentation doesn’t correct the chest wall deformity, it does create a better focus on the chest and allows patients to fit into bras and clothes better.”

Dr. Barrett has considerable experience and expertise in all types of breast enhancement and has worked with many patients with varying degrees of pectus excavatum. His primary focus is to create a natural and beautiful upper body profile, and he will take the time necessary to produce just the right outcome for you. There are special considerations when planning breast augmentation for a patient with pectus excavatum, and you can rest assured Dr. Barrett will take all factors into account as he helps you prepare for your procedure.
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