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Breast Reduction Story and Updates

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Breast Reduction Documentary of a 20 yr old, before and after

Original was uploaded on 2013-10-19


Unlike the other version of this video on Jewtube, you can comment on this one without ‘awaiting moderation’ – i.e. without CENSORSHIP.
This is yet another breast reduction SHILL video, designed to brainwash women to have their beautiful bodies permanently mutilated, and their beautiful breasts destroyed, and turned into an ugly, shapeless mess. Breast reduction (and ‘augmentation’) are absolutely disgusting and atrocious acts, why do women do this?
Yes, we’ve heard all the LIES, “My back hurts”, yadda yadda yadda. This is all absolute rubbish – there are millions of large breasted women out there who don’t have ‘back problems’.


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