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Emma Evins Frees Her Nipples in ATX

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Emma Evins Frees Her Nipples in ATX

Original was uploaded on 2015-10-20


Hey y’al!!

If you follow me on other various social media platforms, you may be very well aware of how much nipple inequality irritates me. If you don’t know me, or are just unaware of this fact… Nipple inequality, and pretty much any other form of inequality fires me up in ways that nothing else quite can. So while I was Austin, TX a few weeks ago, where my chest is considered equal to my male counterparts in the eyes of the law, I took a trip over to the capitol building to let my nipples fly free!

This act was not about sexuality, but entirely about equality. The whole experience was insanely liberating, and it definitely fired up my Texas Pride. I mean, who would have thought that such a “conservative” state would be one of the states leading the US toward gender neutrality and equality?!

For more information on the #FreeTheNipple campaign, visit FreeTheNipple.org where some amazing ladies are doing wonderful things to bring about gender equality.
(Please note that I am not affiliated with this site, I just love what they stand for!)

As I stated in the video, thank you again to everyone who helped get me to 50K on twitter! Y’all are so awesome! Make sure you hit subscribe, and stay tuned for weekly updates!

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