Full nude gymnast

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The Life Drawing Gymnasia in Glasgow

Original was uploaded on 2018-09-24


We were psyched to host Andrew and Natasha here in Glasgow for 3 days of nude fun. The first evening of their visit, they performed at Sloans in the grand ballroom as part of our regular Monday sketching session. The place was packed, as you can see from the footage! We would love to see some more of the artwork created at this session. On day 2, the models posed at our studio, Toad’s Caravan, for a slower and more intimate drawing session with some movement and the option to create an animated sequence. On day 3, Joanna, Andrew and Natasha hit the road and shot most of this sequence out and about in Glasgow. Thanks to the security guards at The Hydro for turning a blind eye, and thanks to Mutley at SWG3 for allowing us access to the roof… Fun times. Interested in drawing? Head over to atyn.co.uk or get in touch with joanna@atyn.co.uk about attending or hosting an event soon.



Camera work & edit: Joanna Susskind (toadscaravan.com)