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Isis Fashion Awards 2022 – Part 9 ( Nude Accessory Runway Catwalk Show ) Wonderland

Original was uploaded on 2023-05-31


The Isis Fashion Awards is a yearly international fashion competition that is organized in the Netherlands. During the competition designers showcase their designs on the catwalk in front of an audience and jury. Prizes are then awarded to the top three fashion designers.

The “Underdogs”
The Isis Fashion Awards is the first fashion show to exclusively focused on accessories, meaning the models do not wear clothing (nude/naked). Accessory designers are the “underdogs” in the fashion industry. Often all the attention and fame go to the clothing designers. Many accessory designers feel undervalued and “overlooked”, but with our IFA we plan to change this. By providing a unique platform for accessory designers.

누드 나체 패션쇼 패션쇼 모델 패션 활주로
hubo’t hubad na fashion show catwalk model fashion runway
telanjang peragaan busana catwalk peragaan busana peragaan busana
عرض أزياء عارية عارية المنصة عرض أزياء مدرج الموضة
nackt nackt Modenschau Laufsteg Modell Laufsteg
nudo nudo sfilata di moda modello passerella sfilata di moda
เปลือยเปล่า แฟชั่นโชว์ แคทวอล์ค นางแบบ บนรันเวย์แฟชั่น
ню голый показ мод подиум модель фэшн взлетно-посадочная полоса
ヌード 裸 ファッション ショー キャットウォーク モデル ファッション 滑走路
desnudo desfile de modas pasarela modelo moda pista
nu nu desfile de moda passarela modelo moda passarela
תצוגת אופנה עירום עירום מסלול אופנה דוגמנית מסלול