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Naked yoga (educational) – before educational purposes

Original was uploaded on 2021-03-31


About naked yoga culture.

Although the trend of naked yoga is just beginning to spread throughout the U.S., practicing yoga in the nude has been around as long as the practice of yoga itself.

Best way to love your body!

No matter your gender or body type, nude yoga can push you out of your comfort zone and deepen your practice in several ways. Practicing familiar postures in a naked yoga flow can offer you a new perspective and change your experience of a specific pose.

Being in your bare skin can also help you connect more strongly to the present moment, through increased bodily and sensory awareness. As you squat and twist your way through an easy flow, you can clearly watch the way your muscles engage.

After a few naked workouts, you actually might find that clothing is restrictive, in the way that it cuts you off from appreciating the hard work of your body on your yoga mat!

All about self-love!

Perhaps one of the most widely-reported benefits of this intimate style of yoga is cultivating a feeling of self-acceptance, and building a healthy relationship with your own body.

Through the act of physically removing your clothes, you can symbolically remove judgments towards yourself, let go of critical self-talk, and limiting personal beliefs you may have placed on yourself.

In this way, shedding layers of clothing one at a time is an act of meditation.

As with all yoga, the intention behind your asana is what counts!

Main point.

You don’t necessarily have to possess a passion for nudism to enjoy activities like a nude yoga class or other types of naked workout, for that matter.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of nude yoga practice, first do your research: find a reputable yoga studio that sets clear boundaries and expectations for the yoga class.

Determine your comfort level, if you’re okay participating in a co-ed class and whether or not you’d like the option to keep minimal clothing on —there are likely options for you to choose from! (Wherever you decide to go, remember to bring your own mat and a towel!)

If a series of Sun Salutations in the buff surrounded by other disrobed yogis sounds too intimidating at first, you can always try a naked workout in the privacy of your own home, where there are no other eyes wandering the room.

After all, the goal of naked yoga is not about seeing or being seen by others. Like all kinds of yoga, it is meant to be an introspective and individually insightful experience. So strip down, grab your towel and mat, and give it a try!

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