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Nudie Adventures: Skinny Dipping In The Tropics

Original was uploaded on 2022-11-19


Back in October 2021, my girlfriend, Katya, and I ventured to the tropics of Far North Queensland to explore the nudist scene up there.

Given that the stunning beaches of Far North Queensland are notorious for marine stingers and crocodiles during certain times of the year…the thought of swimming in the ocean waters can be rather unsettling…
So, one afternoon, we heeded the advice of locals and, instead, went in search of a swimming hole to cool off in.

On our search, we came across Stoney Creek and Old Weir Falls in the Barron Gorge National Park (20-25 minute drive from Cairns); and whilst the more popular of the swimming holes here is just off to the left of the foot bridge as you approach it (coming from the car park), we were after something a little more discreet where we could potentially have a skinny dip! Avoiding the more popular of the swimming holes, we continued along the walking track toward ‘Old Weir Falls’ (approx. 20 minute walk from the car park (45 minute return trip)). We discovered that there were multiple swimming holes (some deep and some shallow) scattered alongside the Stoney Creek walking track…some of which seemed rather private too.

So, whilst Stoney Creek and Old Weir Falls are not necessarily nudist locations, we were able to find some swimming holes along the walking track that were empty and private enough to nude up in. Once we had found our little spot…it was too hard to resist getting naked and having a skinny dip in such a stunning location.

As the beaches in Far North Queensland are notorious for crocodiles and marine stingers, these kinds of swimming holes are often the more popular swimming destinations amongst locals and are the preferred way to keep cool in the tropics…as the crocodiles and stingers are not a threat in these environments.

So, come with us as we frolic about in the waters of Stoney Creek before exploring the beautiful ‘Old Weir Falls’. This episode captures the beauty of being immersed in nature in our most natural form…ultimately feeling more connected to our surroundings. A relaxing watch that sees Katya and I soaking it up in a serene location and standing in awe of the beauty that enveloped us.

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So, get yourself some refreshments, sit back and enjoy the serenity 🙂

Thank you again for being curious and staying open-minded.

Happy viewing!