Nudity on Youtube for 12 years, “CTS_Tides by artist Amy Greenfield”

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CTS_Tides by artist Amy Greenfield

Original was uploaded on 2009-12-19


Amy Greenfield, “Tides”, 1982 (remastered 2009), film, edition of 10, run time 12:01 minutes

The woman is now glistening sculpture moving in the ocean tides, rolling into the heart of a waves, rising, striding against them, being swept out, and finally emerging in strength and joy, deeper than hearts agony (Neitzche). Tides draws inspiration from Isadora Duncans Dance Of The Future We do not stand on the beach and inquire of the ocean what was its movement in the past and what will be its movement in the future. The movement . . . is eternal to its nature. Through illusions created by camera and editing, time and space turn over and over on themselves as the viewer participates in this eternal dream made real.
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