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Behind The Scenes of My Latest Photo Shoot With AllieGray ft Dossier Perfume

Original was uploaded on 2023-03-27


Hello Everyone!
These are some behind the scenes clips from a photo shoot I did on Saturday.
I was late…. (Lost phone in the crack of my car while driving and needed GPS for directions!!!! hahaha)
So I did not get to shoot as many looks with Allie as we would’ve liked and we barely got to break the ice, but maybe we will shoot again some day in the future and get a little more comfortable;) It was our first time meeting and I was a little nervous! She had already been shooting with another girl before I arrived.

There is a much longer version of this video with a lot more of me that includes a lot of very interesting conversation between the photographer and I. Keeping it very very real.
I am excited to be modeling again and looking forward to doing more shoots as I get in better shape. Keep in mind, I had a baby three and a half months ago!!
Allie and I actually shot some micro bikinis first, but because of where the reflector was located, I did not get any shots of that!

Please Check Out Dossier. They have both male and female scents!! All scents are clean and vegan- no guilt or worries 🙂
Discount Code: NatashaK10

The photos will hopefully be available soon.

For more of me:
^^ The First Two Links Contain the Entire Video!^^

Allie’s Links:

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