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Liv Revamped – Jerkmate Episode 10

Original was uploaded on 2022-11-30


*Liv Revamped* is the multiracial pornstar you’ve always desired. Born on September 4, 1991, in *Redondo Beach, California*, Liv was always fascinated by pornography. Her interest in it sparked a long and successful career in the adult industry.

Growing up, Liv often got confused for being Hispanic. In fact, she’s actually of Native American, Mexican, Greek, German, Filipino, and English descent. You might’ve known her previously from her former name Liv Aguilera.

Liv got *started in the Porn Industry in 2012.* She took a little break to focus on her personal life. Now Liv is back, and after her short hiatus, she’s ready to climb back to the top. Since the beginning of her career, Liv Revamped has worked with many porn directors and studios. Her first ever scene was on Brand New Faces for Vivid & B. Skow. She mentioned that everyone on set made her feel comfortable and it was extremely easy to work with them.

Liv’s all time favorite shoot was with James Dean for Off Set Sex Tapes, where James had the honor of personally coming over to Liv’s house and filming the scene in her own bedroom. Now that’s an experience a lot of people wish they lived. Liv Revamped favorite porn directors include Andres, Mike Quasar, Mike Adam, Pat Myne, and Norris. Liv mentions that they are her favorite because they allow her to be herself. Liv loves to be naked, in fact, having a job where she can be naked all the time is like a dream come true for her.

As for *her sexual interests, Liv Revamped* is extremely submissive and loves being told what to do. However, if her partner is not as dominant as she would like, Liv is perfectly capable of taking the reins. She does not enjoy one-night stands, but one of the craziest places she’s had sex was on the top floor in a downtown LA building overlooking the city. Now that’s what we call a nice view.

*Liv does not masturbate often*, but she enjoys watching amateur porn videos when she does touch herself. Watching two people enjoying each other’s bodies really turns her on! If you couldn’t tell already, she’s an extremely passionate individual.

*Outside of porn*, Liv also works as a co-host alongside *James Bartholet* on *LAtalkRadio*. In her free time, she loves reading, writing, and relaxing. She listens to all kinds of music. She’s an avid The Walking Dead fan and she also loves playing video games, especially Halo.

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