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Vanessa Skantze: Writhing Treasure Feast (butoh dance)

Original was uploaded on 2020-02-12


Vanessa Skantze performs Writhing Treasure Feast: Song of the Western Hemisphere
Live in Seattle Feb. 28 – March 1 2020 at Base Art Space. Tickets available Brown Paper Tickets:
A solo exploration by activist and luminary Butoh artist Vanessa Skantze of the fierce beauty, pain, resourcefulness, and resurrection of the land, the people, the creatures, and elements of the original Americas, dancing with the gods of Mexico, North America, and Haiti primarily. Featuring a soundtrack by vanguard sound artists: Masaaki Masao, Erymanthe (Joy Von Spain, Susan DuMett), Pink Void, Greg Campbell, Sioux City Pete, Morher, Uneasy Chairs, Cailleach, noisepoetnobody.

SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE as a 2-CD album + 60-pg book of photography prints by Anima Nocturna & original text by Skantze. Buy at tour dates, or mail order begins 4/10/20. Pre-order the album now at:


Video credits:
Dance: Vanessa Skantze
Video: Susan DuMett
Music: “Fire” – Greg Campbell & Sioux City Pete
Serpents & Moon Painting: Ambrosia Bardos
Photography: Anima Nocturna