Trish Van Devere in THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE (1974)

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THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE (1974)│Time Stamps for ALL the Hot Scenes (inside the Video Description)

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. . . but when the now grown son begins to have sexual urges, they are directed to none other than his mother, the only woman on the island . . . (excerpt from a review)
🟢TOO LONG; DIDN’T WATCH? The following is a *comprehensive* list of hot scenes — (1) from 1:16:18 to 1:17:23
(2) from 1:56:54 to 1:57:25

🔴1:57:50 — END SCREEN (presents the best movies on my channel, selected by me)

🟢REVIEW — Upon taking a final cursory glance at the dusty back shelves of a semi-local video store going out of business, already with an armful of moldy oldies such as “House on the Edge of the Park” and “Slime City” (at five bucks a piece), I caught sight of this long out of print study in Oedipal politics set on a jungle island where a young boy, taught to obey the rules of the wild, discovers that his only sexual partner is his sexy mother. So it’s a battle of wills between he and his father to decide who, as Lou Reed said, can “bag their beloved Big Bird.”

It’s not anywhere near as kinky as it sounds; Mostly this takes the high dramatic road, and pulls it off reasonably well, although much of it’s intentions are dampened by George C. Scott’s inert direction.

(1) Only a Handful of Pictures Have Truly Blazed New Paths. The Savage is Loose is One of Them.
(2) No matter how many films you see none will match the emotional IMPACT of The Savage is Loose

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Un salvaje anda suelto │ Mexico
El salvaje anda suelto │ Spain