Viewers discretion is advised (6:42, “Our road trip documentary!! Mardi Gras’s mudfest.”)

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Our road trip documentary!! Mardi Gras’s mudfest.

Original was uploaded on 2019-03-04


Ok guys, so I know we upload every Sunday, but our schedule yesterday was so hectic we didn’t get home till midnight. So we are uploading today!!😊 we made a documentary of our road trip we took this past weekend for Mardi Gras and let me tell you!!🗣 if you haven’t done this yet don’t wait do it ASAP. 👩🏽‍🔬 I must say this was the most fun filled weekend I have ever had!!🎉🎉🎉 So we started our experience with muffing first then we went to the wet T-shirt contest and ended the night with a concert. So make sure you like, comment, and subscribe because this won’t be the last road trip we take. Enjoy!! Viewers discretion is advised and we do not own copy rights to anything. Thank you. Location: Creekside Off-road ranch. Event: Mardi-Gras mud fest. Friends: Amber Lopez, Rene Lopez.