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WonderHussy visits Haulover Beach – True Nudists

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WonderHussy visits Haulover Beach – True Nudists

Original was uploaded on 2017-12-11


Truenudists.com has joined forces with the fabulously photogenic Wonder Hussy. If you have never heard of Wonder Hussy you will soon be mesmerized by her high energy and her curious and honest nature as she explores nude locations all over the US. Wonder Hussy first grabbed our attention when we viewed a video she had created exploring a abandoned Hot Springs Resort in Vegas.
She was able to portray how it would feel coming across this spot while driving and saying “What the heck! Let’s get nude and enjoy this lil gem!”
We immediately thought we should collaborate with this amazing individual as she visits various spots, and in turn we could share these experiences with our users.

Wonder Hussy has made a name in her own right. She is an extremely successful nude model and location guide in Vegas.
If you want to know all things Vegas she is your girl. She has an expansive highly informative site that includes her portfolio, blogs and self made videos of locations she’s visited.

You can specifically find more information at wonderhussy.com

In this video Wonder Hussy is visiting the infamous Haulover Beach in metropolitan Miami Florida. This beach is famous as it is a 99 acre urban park just north of Bal Harbour, Florida. The northern shoreline is the nude beach section.

Wonder Hussy went on a overcast windy day but this did not affect her positivity and she was determined to experience everything Haulover has to offer.
As Wonder Hussy strips down in the soft sand she remarks on how busy it is on such a non nude friendly day and exclaims “This beach must be bangin on a good day!” She even boldly ventures into the water which she says for February is actually pretty nice. Wonder Hussy ends the video by doing some running and yoga poses on the beach.

Be sure to stay tuned for Wonder Hussy’s next video blog. Where is she off to next?


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