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What Is Naked Yoga?

Although the trend of naked yoga is just beginning to spread throughout the U.S., practicing yoga in the nude has been around as long as the practice of yoga itself. Nagna Yoga is a branch of yoga practiced by a group of ascetic Hindu yogis called Naga Sudhus. Its intention is to pacify one’s desires while connecting deeper with the natural world. (1)

Recently, the movement has spread from places like New York City and Los Angeles, to yoga studios all across the country.

Practicing asana naked —not to mention sharing a space full of other nude yogis — may raise a few eyebrows and draw skepticism. However, it is important to note that naked yoga classes strive to actually de-sexualize the human body, rather than taking a sensual approach. Many people tend to associate being naked with sex; on the contrary, naked yoga emphasizes the deeply individual experience of self-love and body acceptance. (2)

What to Expect From a Naked Yoga Class

As with other styles of yoga, there are different options to choose from if you’re intrigued by the idea of practicing asana —au naturale.

Some instructors may encourage you to strip down to your birthday suit right away, while others allow you to remove clothing piece by piece as you move throughout the practice, with some even offering the option to keep your bottoms on until you become completely comfortable with full nudity. Many classes are open to students of all genders, over the age of 18; however, there are also male- or female-only alternatives for people who feel more at ease surrounded by their similar gender expression.

Is It Safe?

There are several common rules and guidelines. Clear boundaries create a safe and respectful environment for all clientele and instructors, and generally include: no staring at others, no touching without consent, and no commenting —even making compliments — on others’ bodies (3).

To alleviate any concerns about hygiene, most studios offering nude yoga sessions instruct students to bring their own mat and towel (4).

Who Practices Naked Yoga and Why?

All different types of people embrace this movement, and for many different reasons.

One yoga teacher of a Dallas-based nude class for men believes the class offers an “equalizing” experience, where “men of all races, classes, religions, and backgrounds” can come together, sharing common ground. Men, in fact, collectively experience a significant rate of shame towards their bodies. Over time, many men find they can begin to shed inhibitions and foster compassion towards themselves and their bodies (5).

For many women, an obvious benefit of disrobing for an asana session is that it removes the pressure to keep up with the latest trends in women’s fashion, always sporting new, expensive leggings. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the fashion and branding we see scrolling while through social media. Stripping down to nothing but your skin helps you shed expectations and insecurities, and build a connection with your true, authent