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Yunna and the Haunted Hot Springs body soap scene (check the channel for more)

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Yunna and the Haunted Hot Springs #Anime (attention, ecchi anime featuring nudes for adult +18)

Original was uploaded on 2023-03-22


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!Today, we’ll see how Kogarashi ended up risking his life in “Yunna and the haunted hot springs”. Let’s see what happened.Kogarashi was finishing his duty… proud of his work. When a girl with a tail came inand she casted a spell! Kogarashi was transformed into a…body soap!He just couldn’t do anything about it and, when her friend entered the bath, he has been used as you would expect for a body soap…But, that’s not all: other friend came in!And also used him…I mean: the shampoo.All that situation was so weird: he was just sliding over the body of the girls…feeling, humm, ashame.But the worst was coming: the bottle was ending!And the shampoo diminishing quickly: what happens when the bottle is empty!? Watch the full episode to discover!

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