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Don’t take my pudding! Its mine! | Spring 2023 funny moments anime compilation

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I SMELL A MAN! IT SMELLS LIKE A MAN IN HERE!!!!!! | Spring 2023 Anime funny moments compilation

Original was uploaded on 2023-05-19


Do you also smell that man? those smelly men are smelling like smelly men smell. this is just a way to put something here cause else this would be very empty. This season brought us many good things. we had oshi no ko, we had the danger in my heart AKA Boku no kokoro, we had goddess cafe terrace, we had mashle, we had adame no elf, we had konosuba side story, konosuba explosion on this wonderfull world and last but definetly least we had kaminaki work for a god in a godless world. Are you still reading this? wow you must definetly be a baka waiting for the wise lesson from the upper baka! but to bad for you today you do not get any wise lessons cause today i cried till my eyes ran dry while watching anime.

Intro: https://youtu.be/EjxUe5KaY6M
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